Friday, September 7, 2012

The Curse Of Hebrew Childbirth

Even if you are not a Christian I guess you would have at some point heard people claim the portion  of the Hebrew women in childbirth. "The Hebrew delivery is my portion" " I will deliver like the Hebrew women" etc.

What exactly do we call 'Hebrew Delivery'? Have we totally lost our minds in claiming and hoping for Hebrew Delivery? Few months ago, I had just returned from the hospital where I went for pre-natal check up and was chatting with my cousin. She asked how I was preparing for childbirth and I told her I was ready, next thing she said was " Nonye pls don't let those oyibo people cut you up o!, any small thing they'll do CS. Let me tell you, you will deliver like the Hebrew woman! because you are a daughter of Zion"  As in, for minutes I was staring at my phone like what the heck am I reading?  So if someone gives birth through CS its not Hebrew Delivery and you are not favored? excuse me! what is Episiotomy?? is it not an incision given on the vagina to widen it up for baby to gain enough exit space? Which in most cases is necessary for first childbirth. What happens after Episiotomy? the darn place is stitched back! so cutting and stitching back any part of the body is called what? Surgery! CS = cutting and stitching which is = Surgery!

How many women have died waiting for 'Hebrew Delivery'? Some women during labour are given very valid medical reasons why a CS will be absolutely necessary yet they insist on going vaginal, then something goes wrong with the mother or child and God is questioned! I'm not saying its a bad thing to trust God for vaginal delivery,I mean if that's what you want, by all means pray and trust Him! But if along the way there is a medical reason why you NEED to have your baby through CS, pls don't be stupid! Go ahead and have your child. The bible says God gives wisdom of witty invention, and medical science has improved greatly leaving us with many options for safe delivery, please don't be foolish, use them!

I had my baby vaginally and I have friends who had theirs through CS, for all I know all of us had Hebrew Delivery. We are all alive with our babies.

Hebrew delivery simply means mother alive, child alive!  Episiotomy o! CS o! all na surgery...only difference is location and what matters is that baby's cry is heard as well as mummy's voice.