Friday, October 5, 2012

Rejected or Unappreciated??

Which is worse, rejection or not being appreciated?

You get a job, throw yourself into it, work your a** off and your efforts slide through unnoticed. Or maybe noticed but so what? who gives a hoot? At the end of the day someone else may even get the praise for something you worked so hard to make happen.  Another scenerio, you're the one who makes all the effort to grease this friendship, you make the calls, visits etc and the friend feels its okay for you to be the one doing all that, or maybe they don't even notice your efforts. Now the most painful one, you get in a relationship or marriage, pour yourself into it, do everything to make your spouse happy, play roles that should not necessarily be yours to play and you do this happily but this spouse barely notices or feels its your duty. You have a new hair cut, your spouse is the last to notice, you shed that birth weight, everyone else commends you but your husband is the last to notice! Sucks right? yeah sucks!

Here's what:  People will not always appreciate the things you do, people will not always accept you, but if you choose to sacrifice, make sure its for a worthy cause. For some people the reason they sacrifice may be their children, long term career goal or whatever. But whatever you do, make sure the sacrifices your make are for a worthy cause. There's a very thin line between sacrificing and compromising your own self and standard. Bosses will not always say well done, but if you're going to bear the pains and keep working anyways, make sure you have a very clear big picture. That way the feeling of not being appreciated becomes really little.

On my earlier question, I'll rather be rejected than not be appreciated. Its better you reject me from the start, than bring me in and make an idiot of me and rubbish whatever efforts I make to keep things going.

I know this isn't my usual style of talk but hey TGIF Ya'all!!