Friday, November 23, 2012

In the spirit of Anniversary 2

Gonna be real quick with this, I need to dash out!

Anniversary is next week, yaaaaaaay!!!!! Like I can't wait to see what I'll be tripped with this time! I can even say it has already begun, my plumplum just gave me some doe to refresh my wardrobe! Can I call that the teaser? yippppppieeeee! 

You see, its such a difficult task trying to pick out just one out of the so many things he does to make me happy. Btw, have I said it that my husband is a very annoying person?? Dayuuuum! When ND wants to piss you off, he really pisses you off till you piss on yourself! Make no mistakes about my praises of him, I do not have a perfect marriage nor a perfect husband, but I have a man who is never afraid to say he is sorry! A man who wants to do the right thing no matter how many times he feels like he's let himself or other people down. My husband wants to die knowing he has been a great father and did not fail in his role as a husband. Now I may not say this very often but I totally adore Ifeanyichukuwu Onuoha! He is my dream come true, my friend and my brother (he hates it when I call him my brother!)

I don't know how many men do this, but most times when I get back from work really tired, he tells me to freshen up and go to bed while he sees to bathing and feeding our baby. Every other morning, he baths the baby while I prepare and pack his snack or lunch. I remember two weeks back,I felt really ill, he kept persuading me to stay home and rest while he drops off the baby at the creche on his way to work. He's part of every single thing around the house (which I sometimes find annoying sha). Oh well..... I shall be back next Wednesday to give ya the popori of the anniversary! I just hope aint gonna be flaging the red then.. #okbye

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In the spirit of anniversary.....

Its our 2years wedding anniversary this month yay!!!!!!  Ok to mark this year's anniversary, I'll be blogging all  month about my hubby! yes ooo my sweet poraro!

People ask me what marriage has been like and I say from my heart, beautifullllllllll!!! Its not always rosy, I mean we have our moments like every normal couple but in totality marriage has been a wonderful experience. My hubby is so kind and does the sweetest things to make me happy. I'll share one episode today. My birthday this year.

Errr ok, so I was away during the period, I had just given birth  two weeks before, in fact I had a clinic appointment that day. when I got to the GP and spoke with the front desk lady, she looked at my details and went "oh happy birthday!, so how you celebrating?" I said I'm just gonna get to the City Centre with my baby and my friends for a drink. After seeing my doctor I left. I called my friends to hook up and they conveniently moved the outing to the following day which was Saturday but promised to come around later in the evening.  So I went home.

Later in the evening my flat mate Aimha came home a bit earlier than usual and you know we exchanged yabs as was our style but he never said happy birthday and then I asked, and he was like "oh? its ur bday? sorry o! Happy bday Mama Dubem". I went into my room and busied myself with responding to FB messages when I noticed my flat mate was going up and down the house. I called out and asked him why he was perambulating, he said his heater was bad and he was trying to fix it. Some minutes later he called me into his room where he was kneeling by the heater and asked me to go downstairs into the sitting room and get him some screws on the table. I obediently went downstairs and when I opened the sitting room door, I almost collapsed! I just heard a million voices shout "Happy Birthday"!!! and the lights came on!

To cut a long story short, my hubby and my sis from another mother Helen had planned the party, even my doctor knew!!!!! Everyone except me knew! When I called to ask my friends out for a drink, they were busy cooking! It was such a beautiful thing, I just wished my hubby was around to get a mighty hug from me! .....This is just episode one! come back next week for more *wink*

I actually ran into the kitchen

Diff cam lights flashing on my face eh!

Birthday present from my husband +some really nice make up i didnt take pictures of

My flatmate Aimha!