Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That Stuff I Dont Like!

I drew my inspiration from Sisi Yemmie 's video on YouTube.  So here goes, that stuff  I hate!

1. I detest jealous people! Something good happens to someone and instead of being happy for them, you see only the negative aspect and take it as an opportunity to give unsolicited advice. I'll give two examples:

a.) I remember once I was on leave and wanted to take a vacation to Ghana, I mentioned it to my sisters and they were super excited and started booking things I should get for them. Then from no where, my cousin (who has never been outside the country)  started discouraging me and saying I could use the money for 'better' things and chill in Lagos. It wasnt like I was spending a dime on accommodation or food, she just was so bothered about me making the trip and it became clear she was jealous. That is that stuff I don't like!

b.) My colleague recently got a job and mentioned it to someone who has also been looking for another job, and the first thing this guy says to him is " hope the new place has prospects, you know its not always about money" like what the heck! Say congrats first, show some excitement, "hey congrats man! happy for u, so which company" etc and then chip in your advice (if absolutely necessarily or solicited!).  And then suddenly this guy starts giving him a cold attitude! what nonsense? I hate it!

2. I hate people who pry into other people's privacy. Do NOT go through my phone just like that! If i don't have that kind of relationship with you please dont touch my phone! Another example, I have a colleague who is infamous for going through people's text messages, yahoo chats and BB chats. Like everybody in the office knows he does this! People like this want to know everything in your life but say nothing about theirs. Its annoying! I dont like that stuff.

3. Beggy beggy. If you see something on me, it means I'm still using it right? feel free to say hey Nonye I like this, dash me na, (I may be willling to give it out) but pls don't start calling, texting, BBMing and pressuring me to give you. If I simply laughed or smiled the first time you asked, then I'm not giving you.

4. Men who act like women. I don't like men who involve themselves in petty matters, concentrate on main issues bro and leave us women to deal with our tinini tananas!

5. Boots and Ass Lickers! Whether its your boss' ass or spouse' ass, ass licking is ass licking! Stop licking, you'll get infected with germs! Boot lickers = Eye Service folks = People with SEVERE case of low self esteem! Who cares if I'm the boss' right hand man? As long as I do what I should, I don't give two fecks about being your puppet sir/madam!

6. I don't like it when someone feels too important and then I find out you're nothing. Its better I think you're nothing then discover later how important you are...shogbo? I dont like it!

Will stop here for today... Friday I continue my Friday Friday tonic. Bless people, bless!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heeeeeeey!!! I promised to be back on wednesday right> (hides face in shame)...I'm sorry! 

Anniversary went wellllllllll! couldn't have asked for better! I had a meeting that day and on my way got a call from some guy saying he was asked to deliver cake to me *sobs* I asked him to drop it with the front desk officer which he did. I got to the office to meet the very beautiful red velvet cake sent to me by none other than my very own special tomly tomly plumplum! In addition I got a very beautiful wristwatch. My baby is the best and stays tripping me!!!!

Have a blessed week y'all. I'll be talking about "that stuff I don't like" on Friday...dont miss it!