Monday, December 3, 2012

Heeeeeeey!!! I promised to be back on wednesday right> (hides face in shame)...I'm sorry! 

Anniversary went wellllllllll! couldn't have asked for better! I had a meeting that day and on my way got a call from some guy saying he was asked to deliver cake to me *sobs* I asked him to drop it with the front desk officer which he did. I got to the office to meet the very beautiful red velvet cake sent to me by none other than my very own special tomly tomly plumplum! In addition I got a very beautiful wristwatch. My baby is the best and stays tripping me!!!!

Have a blessed week y'all. I'll be talking about "that stuff I don't like" on Friday...dont miss it!


  1. i don talk am before, we go looveeee ooooooo

  2. Congrats!! Nono just seeing this. may God bless your home