Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm back!

Hey lovelies!!!! hiatus hiatus hiatus! forgive me! I'm back and ready to rumble hehehehe. So I took a break to have my second baby and I;m really glad to be back. Not sure I'll be doing any post on the experience so I'll just sum it up here. Contraction started 4:30am and by 8:49am baby was born, all natural! No pain meds, no epidural, no episiotomy, no tear (just slight bruises) etc...I will not talk about the pains, no I will not! I refuse to. Anywhooos, here are pictures of me during and after pregnancy...I hope to hit the gym as soon my midwife gives me clearance.What have you all been up to??

My beautiful son...
2weeks after....

A week + 4days after....


Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, August 2, 2013

So why isnt he proposing na?!

Let me start this post by saying that I hate to feel or sound like I know it all when it comes to men and marriage cos I don’t know jack!  I’m still wearing a major L sign on my neck. However some things are plain for all to see, whether single or married. So please I am not doing this post from a married woman’s point of view even though I will chip in a few things marriage has taught me.

Here we go!:
Sometime last week, I was chatting with someone who says all men cheat, that its impossible for man to have one girlfriend. I tried to point out to her that while I will not vouch for anyone, I do know there are men who have much more important priorities in life than to run after different women. I doubt her perspective changed but really that’s her.  This is what I believe, if men constantly cheat on you, lie to you or make you a side dish, sister  re-evaluate yourself! It is okay to go through disappointments in relationship once or twice, I mean sometimes that’s how we learn to differentiate between the good and the bad BUT if it happens to you more often than mentioned then something is wrong with you! Yes I said it! (Sue me please!)
Ask yourself how come every man I meet just wants sex?  Is it not your fellow women these men are engaging and marrying weekend after weekend? Why can’t it be you?  The answer is simple; the man doesn’t see you as a wife! Do you even see yourself as a wife? When you have 10,000 female friends, you tell us on twitter and bbm how you downed half a bottle of Henny mixed with vodka and ogogoro, club 109 loading, club 17 down, 19 to go…c’mon na!  Even wives drink, wives club with hubbies but the magic formula is moderation, discretion and self-respect!  Check yourself and the seemingly tiny things you do that give you away as wild, loose and wayward, those might be why men think you are just a play thing.  

Here are 5 things that might help somebody:

1.  Carry yourself like a virtuous woman; pretend you have kids waiting for you at home. When you open          your mouth to talk, pretend your husband and kids are listening

2.    Drop some friends! You heard me! Men don’t take women who have too many female friends                     seriously.  When next you wanna hit the movies, try going alone. It is easier for a man to approach you           when you are alone than in the midst of 8 friends.

3.  Form values for yourself and wear them on your forehead!  #nuffsaid!

4. Please please and please again, be ‘aware’! You don’t have to know every topic or pretend to know           but at least have an idea. Be able to make meaningful contribution to important topics. Linda Ikeji’s blog       is not the only thing on the internet; find out what’s going on in other parts of the world, sports, fashion          etc.  if you are a fashion-conscious person, even if you buy your clothes from Balogun market you should      know Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik etc. ( I don’t own any pair from them but I at least I know who      they are)

5.  PROVERBS 31: 30! #cant be over emphasized!

Have a beautiful weekend! And go get that brother!!

Hubby and I at the defunct Bacchus Club...sometime in 2010 after work (pre-marriage) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sanitation Friday! loooool!

Hmmmm *picks broom and sweeps blog frantically* loool what will I cite as my excuse? I don't know o! Ok seriously its been mostly work coupled with running the home...hasn't been easy at all. I get home so late these days and I'm dead knackered, and then  6am I'm up again and racing out to work where tons abide to do!

What's new with me?

I've recently moved homes (more grease to anyone planning on doing that soon!! you'll need plenty!), and my new home is farther away from work :(  :( but I love it! very spacious, enough for my little man to explore and practice his athletic skills, spacious enough for anyone not to get into the hub's space, he hates it when people are in his space!! So yeah, that's that for my home...then work, wheeeeeew! This job I started this year eh, hmmmmm I say God is my strength! I don't know that I've worked this hard in my life before except maybe back in 2008 when I was with LEAP Africa, but this is a different kind of working hard! My boss is mostly out of the country like he is right now, so that leaves me with the responsibility of running the whole office except of course paying salaries...managing the different departments and making sure the clients are happy isn't the easiest job I tell you but I LOVE the challenge! It makes me feel so ready for bigger things, I kinda feel like yes! my career has truly begun.

If you noticed, I've been trying to convert this blog to a fashion one, thats' not to say I won't occasionally be giving you better gists (about myself mostly, aint no Linda Ikeji! lol). well the process of the fashion bit is still in progress but it may not happen right away. First, I don't have enough time right now to take pictures of myself everyday, secondly and most importantly I'm working on my personal walk with God, I don't want to be the woman who spends so much time looking fabulous outside while my inner being/spiritual life is shabbily dressed. I want to hit a plausible balance before God, so I'm undergoing a spiritual overhaul and rehabilitation. Then on my personal style, I'm still a work in progress. I've always known what I like but never get around to exploring it. Check back in a couple of months and you'll see the amazing new me! Until then I'll be blogging my usual stuff!

Have a pleasant pleasant Friday!


What I'm wearing:

Dress: TNL (Things Nigerians Love) check them out here
Earrings: very old - some random store in Ghana
Wristwatch: Emporio Armani
Coctail Ring: Primark
Aviators: Primark

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey hey beautiful people!!!  I've been a bad bad girl *hides face in shame* so much articles on my plate with tight deadlines but not to worry I'm done with about 70% sha...:) so so so...what has caught my eyes this time? Stripe jersey skirt!!! Its been around a while and I ignored the trend completely but of recent, I've been loving up!! Here are some picks I made from the internet. There are no rules to rocking these pieces really, just do you!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you rocking these yet??

I call Denim the king of trends! Its never going away, keeps coming back in varieties and we simply cant ignore!  The denim shirt caught my eye last year and boy! have I been loving it? you bet!! If you havent got one, please please dont be late (you already are!)hahahahaha

Rock them your style!

Now thank me for these! :)))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You want these items! You know you do:)

Hey ya hey ya!!! How are we prepping for the loooooong break?? I am soo ready! Can't wait to take a 
break! wheeeew! 

I put together some of my fave items, (not to worry, I don't own all of them *wink*) I think every lady should own these timeless fashion pieces, if you already do own every item here, you are a babe and a half! lool....


Oh please wave those hands if you got this on any finger!! looool! I love this cocktail ring!
A woman's lifesaver!  My lifesaver heheheehe, the absolute fastest piece to rock and move!
Don't you just love these?!! I do!!! Go rock them with a nice pair of skinnies

A boyfriend jacket adds glam to you and screammss claaaaaasss! lol when well worked that is!

Every woman needs that simple yet fabulously classy bag!  This LV does it! You don't  have to break a neck, go for a copy or something closer...

Now that's what I'm talking about! 

Have a beautiful Easter holiday! Stay fab!!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tale of 9 Valentines!

*singing* ''who will be my valentine". lol  Valentine fever ooo! hehehehehe ok I've not had very eventful valentine celebrations but at least I have stories to tell. This is a run down of my last 9 valentine ''episodes''.

Feb 14, 2004 : I was in 3rd year in university and had a school boyfriend T.M, we were both in AIESEC then and had a meeting that day. After the meeting we went somewhere close to his hostel to eat and then back to his room. I didnt get him any val gift and he didnt get me any but there were pringles and juice which he had bought earlier and kept for me. We spent time together nibbling on those after which we strolled to the famous Marble Arch Hotel to catch up with a friend who went swimming, lo and behold the whole UNIZIK was inside the swimming pool! That's one sight I will never forget loool. All in all, I think I had a good and memorable day.

Feb 14, 2005:  My absolute worst valentine! tufia! Let me not even go into long stories, if you missed the post on it two years ago read it here. Well one part of it wasnt so bad considering who I ended up spending the day with and the fact that its a memory I hold very dear right now as she's no more. RIP grandma, will give anything to spend another val with you

Feb 14, 2006:  I had just started working with Metro FM Lagos and had no boyfie :(  after work my cousins and I went for dinner at TFC on Awolowo road. One verryyyy memorable thing about this val was the serious "owu" that was hammering us that period. We were about 7 of us and we got two cabs to take us as the only one of us that had a car had gone to chase babe. (chai! humble days). While we were eating, one of the security guys came to our table to ask if we were the ones that came with a certain car, that someone needed to drive out. My cousin looked at the guy from head to toe, with toothpick in his mouth and went like "The car you're asking for the owner, is it a Bentley?" the confused security man nodded and said something like a toyota or so, then my cousin said " well that cant be mine, if its not a Bentley, its not mine". lool! Thats how the guy put us in trouble ooo! When it was time to leave, everybody nyash glue for seat! We didnt know how to get out of the situation without the security knowing we came with cab! After strategizing, my cousin said the ladies should go first, then while he was walking through the door he started talking to his imaginary driver on the phone. "err Abdul, oh you went to get fuel? Ok ok, we're walking down the road, meet us up Awolowo road, we feel like strolling" odiegwu! security man and his colleagues just burst out in laughter and we the ladies didnt help matter, we started laughing too. As in, the lie was very uncoordinated, first TFC on Awolowo road back then was in a Fuel station! so which Fuel did Abdul go to get that he couldnt get there? secondly we were 7! which Bentley will take 7 people! looool It was a very beautiful evening in all.

Feb 14, 2007: I was serving in Kano State and very boyfriendless. My flat mates and I contributed money and took ourselves out. I'll never forget that day, I had so much cow tail that I almost couldnt lift my legs when it was time to go home. I even borrowed N400 from one of us to buy some more, and when we got home he said it was his val gift to me. The guys's name sef is Valentine! hehehe

Feb 14, 2008: I spent 4hours in traffic that day going from Lekki to Dolphin. It was terrible! and while I was in traffic I kept seeing cakes and all sorts of red and white things in people's cars. My ex had invited me to his house which was also in Lekki so I could have easily gone from the office, but when I mentioned it to my aunt she just said "Nonyelum GO HOME!, na this kain waka dey land person for wahala". I respected myself and went home. I didnt even call him to cancel and by the time he called I was safely home *wicked grin* oh and that's the same ex of 2005 valentine....Karma is a female dog :)

Feb. 14, 2009:  I was in Ghana and I had this guy whose babe I initially thought I was till I found out I was the side chick! choi!, so as usual he went to spend the day with his real dish! loool! My friend and her bobo had a naming ceremony and I tagged along and ate myself silly!. Very uneventful valentine and I felt nothing related to love. Here I was in a foreign land trying to get my work permit and it wasnt coming, love was the last thing on my mind really.

Feb. 14 2010: I had a boyfie yay!! lol! I was dating my husband then and NOTHING happened on val's day! He was ill and I had a course that day. It was on a Sunday I remember, no gifts from either of us to the other and I didnt bother one bit.

Feb. 14 2011: Married to my hubby now, still nothing. lol I recall some of ex-school mates attacking me in the school group when i said I wasnt getting him anything. My excuse was that he wont give me and if I give him it will be double giving since his birthday is early March. (igbo girl sense) anywaaaaaaaaaay, he doesnt care about valentine and I really dont give that much hoot either. So he picked me up from work and home we went. We had a good time laughing at all the people we saw around Bar Beach wearing red and strolling by the water in pairs.

Feb 14, 2012:  I was heavily pregnant and staying with my friend whose house was close to my office. We took ourselves out to Tetrazinni and ate the worst cat fish of our lives!

Feb 14, 2013: Ehen! Mr. ND Onuoha if you are reading, read well well ooo! All I want for val is to see Django! and no, not the one you have on your flash!!! Thank you!

Una happy valentine! This is Lent ooo! celebrate small small and remember whatever enters mustooo come out 9months later!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Style Spice!

 Hey everyone!! I hope we've had a good good week....I cant wait to rest! lol.

So this is new to this blog and it has come to stay! Style Spice!! yaaaay! I will occasionally feature people's individual style and after a while some prize will be tied to it...after a while ooo! lol

To launch this feature is the beautiful undergrad doctor Angee. She's a medical student of Igbinedion University Okada and, wait for it ...*smiles* she's my sister-inlaw! yeah she's my hubby's younger sister. Her sense of style is very outstanding and the first three things you notice about her style are: trendy, comfortable and decent! did I mention sexy?? please add that!

Enjoy the view and mail me if you think you can rock this show too!
 Happy weekend!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Labour Experience Pt. 2

Back home i was a bit relieved. I drank cups of raspberry leaf tea (helps with contraction) and practiced stooping most of the time to help my cervix open up and widen. Towards afternoon i started throwing up again and by evening, contraction was back with a bang! Helen and I went back to the hospital and just as we walked in, i prayed to God it wont be that husky voiced nurse on duty...she was there! Again she chook hand inside there and i screamed, she brought the gas thing again and it didn’t do nada for me. After much attempt, she said she couldn’t feel anything. She called another nurse and when i saw her height and the size of her hands, i almost passed out. She laughed and said i should relax, that her hands are not even as big as the thing that got me pregnant! Lool! By the time i was done laughing, her hands had gone in and out, and she declared me 3cm dilated!! Yippppieee! 
On to the delivery ward we marched! Omo I couldn’t wait o! And word had gone round the midwives and nurses that i was told back home that i was having a girl and their own scanned showed what looks like a boy. Apparently cases like that are rare there! (Detailed people!) So everyone was waiting for my baby to see whose verdict was right! Lool! I got in the delivery room and met this amazing Zimbabwean nurse, i instantly requested for epidural and she said i cant have that till i’m at least 6cm dilated. So she gave me metamorphine and your sister went gaga! i was high! I started misyarning and the whole room seemed like the entire Africa! My head felt soooo light eh!  I heard Helen ask the nurse if the drug was supposed to make me talk out of point, I didn’t hear the nurse’s response but the last thing i heard before i dozed off was Helen saying “nonye I think you need to stop talking”.

Sunday April 29 2012: The pain woke me up and i looked at the time it was like 12am Sunday morning. Helen was still wide awake beside me! She didn’t even have anything to eat! I ran into the bathroom and threw up, had Helen take a picture before I went back in and requested another metmorph shot and dozed off again. By morning the dose had worn off and I needed another! and my Zimbabwean friend had gone as her shift was over. After what seemed like forever, the anaesthetist came in with the epidural! Meeeeehnnnn see fine bobo, dayuuuuuum!!!!  Very tall and Orlando Bloomish kinda cute! Hehehehehe!  i kid. I didn’t even know when the whole process was done and i slllleeeeeeeept! At around 3pm the nurses woke me  up, burst my water and told me to push. This was when labour began.

I pushed and pushed and pushed! Nothing.  First, i coudnt feel anything becos of the epidural, secondly my baby was  big and was facing up!  Nurses were just putting hand there anyhow and going awwww the baby is so hairy! After much trial, they removed the epidural needle and gave me pitocin to induce more contraction, i still couldn’t feel anything and i was fully dilated.  I started praying, Helen was praying, my aunt was on the phone with me yelling “Nono push in Jesus name! Nono you’re not tired in Jesus name” I was just saying amen and blasting in tongues. I asked one of the nurses if she believed in prayers, she looked at me and said “we need to concentrate on getting your baby out”.  After one hour, baby was not coming and i was getting tired. I over heard them say something about CS and at that point i was like whatever joor. Just then this gorgeous Arabian doctor walked in (female oooo!!), she looked so calm, examined me and said they should wheel in the table.  To be frank, at this time i started wanting to get angry with God, i felt like He brought me this far and abandoned me. When the table was wheeled in, I saw all sorts of things on it and I wasn’t bothered one bit. Then she took up the forceps and said ‘you’re still gonna push for me’, she inserted the forceps and I screamed eh! She took it out and gave me an episiotomy ( a cut) to widen my that side (*wink*) by the third time she put in the forceps I pushed and she gently pulled the baby out, at exactly 4:17pm.  and first voice i heard was Helen’s, she just shouted “its a boy!”...and a swamp of midwives and nurses filled my room to see baby. I was getting injections left right and centre. I didn’t even wanna carry my baby immediately, i just told them to take care of him while i rested a bit. Helen supervised the cleaning and dressed him up herself. I asked what one of the driplike stuff on my hand was and the nurse said it was just ‘fluids’’ cos i lost some blood. When i saw my file, it read that i lost one thousand (1000ml) of blood! But i never felt dizzy or weak after delivery for a second till date! I was given iron drugs and I had some fergon and loads of folic acid while pregnant. Helen helped me take a bath and when I was being wheeled out of the labour room with my baby in my hands, I looked back in there and realized that God never left me! Either of us could have made it out without the other or none at all but God didn’t let that happen,I came out with my son.
Please women, the moment you discover you are pregnant, cut down your sweet tooth, forget cravings, most times its in your head! Eat well, lots of veggies, lots of fruit, folic acid to help with blood and baby formation! Take light walks, pleeeenty water and if you can start taking raspberry leaf tea from 28-30weeks, 2cups a day then gradually increase it as you advance. The tea helps you go into labour on your own without being induced. While it is God who preserves and protect, we have a responsibility to care for what he has put in our hands, yourself and your baby!
Have a blessed weekend and note that childbirth is very very do-able!!! I did it, you too can!

God bless us all!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Labour Experience Pt. 1

I think say i don escape this one o! I was kinda sceptical about doing this post but anyways a lot of people have pressured me to do a post on my labour experience and here it is:

 Friday April 27 2012 - At about 5pmish I was having a bowl of noodles with Helen when i felt a slight sting on my lower back. It felt like the first signs of menstrual pain. I ignored it but it kind of got stronger so i quickly pinged my friend Osaki and first she asked was ''is your hospital bag ready?", lol. Like i was expecting it to happen anytime soon, infact I had just spoken with Helen"s mum and she told me my baby was coming that weekend, my sisters said the same thing too. Well i rushed my noodles and got in the bathroom, while i was there the contraction kept coming stronger and I had Helen record the intervals until we were certain how many minutes apart it was. We called the hospital ad they said I could come in.

When we got there, i had my first nightmare! The midwife who attended to me had this husky voice I didnt particularly like, then when she put her hands in there to check how dilated I was, i screamed my head off! It felt like being disvirgined, Christ! she had this look on her face like 'heck, didnt something go in through here to get you in this situation?" I told her not to put her hands there again and she said there was no other way to check me. She gave me some shisha gas to relax me but I couldnt even hold the pipe well...that thing didnt do jack for me! well her verdict was that my cervix was still high and I wasnt ready. After talking with the doctor, they asked Helen to leave while I stay back so they could be monitoring the baby. I felt so alone when she left. I tried to sleep but so many thoughts were in my head. There was another Nigerian in the cubicle next to mine and i think there was an issue with her baby, I could hear the baby's irregular heart beat on the monitor from where I was and i just felt a bit uneasy. And then when lady was talking to someone on the phone, my heart sank for her. So for a while I didnt pay attention to what was going on with  me till i felt the urge to throw up. Now from day 1 of my pregnancy till that moment, I never threw up, never fell ill, never spat around or had funny cravings, so you can imagine how i felt.  Luckily a midwife came in to check me and while she was still explaining that it was a sign of labour, i let it all out! lol. I felt relieved for a bit and managed to sleep. 

April 28, 2012: early saturday morning Helen came with a delicious bowl of noodles garnished with brocolli and all sorts, I had to hide to eat it cos food isnt allowed in the hospital, kai! that moment reminded me of hiding to eat noodles in FGGC Abuloma....
Few minutes later, contraction stopped and I was discharged! be continued next week