Friday, January 4, 2013

Blast from 2012!

Hey everyone!!! Happy new year!

This is your best year yet! It is the year of holiness and God's righteousness, its the year we experience divine visitation and favour! This year, make a decision to make everything all about Christ, serve Him selflessly and put your eyes on the big picture, rise above pettiness and excel in greatness Amen!!

So 2013 is my colourful year, all things bright and beautiful. This year i intend to add soooo much colour to my life and that includes my wardrobe. I'm coming out of the 'black' box and trying new and exciting colours. I'm not a fashionista and I'm not aspiring to be one, I don't own all them designer stuff, I'm a street label junkie besides I hate most of the outfits the so called fashionistas wear, they come off as ridiculous to me. Below are some looks I rocked in 2012. I'm pretty laid back fashionwise, I no get liver to experiment biko....


Shirt: Newlook, Pants: Arise, Flats: Atmosphere, Nerd glasses: Primark, Earrings: Dorothy Perkins, Wristwatch: Emporio Armani

Dress: Jolie Moi, Bag: Some US brand, cant remember, Pantyhose: Marks&Spencer, Shoes: Next, Wristwatch: Argos, Glasses: Primark, Belt: River Island, Neckpiece: Thrifted

Top: Dani, Pants: Lagos Island, Bangle: Forever 21, Wristwatch: Emporio Armani, Black top: Gift, Shoes: George, Earrings: Handmade (Nairobi Market)

Top: Atmosphere, Harem Pants: George, Espadrilles: Newlook, Armband: Primark, Wristwatch: Argos, Nerdies: Primark

Denim Shirt: Dunnes, Pants: Fl'more, Belt: O'neil, Earrings: Primark, Bracelet: Handmade (local market in Senegal)

Dress: YFF Red goddess dress Ring: Primark, Wristwatch: Emporio Armani

Top: Cant remember, Pants: Atmosphere, Slippers: George, Wristwatch: Kenneth Cole, Neck Piece: Primark, Aviators: Primark


  1. simple and trendy. Maybe you should get a bit edgy, will suit your frame

  2. na wa, wats edgy got to do wih frame? nice looks noye especially the first picture and the denim shirt on green

  3. U read my thot, am stepping out of my safe zone, colors actually rock best on dark skin ladies.....wink!safe mixture not craziness razz types oh, lol

  4. Me? Staying very safe in me black zone. No experiments for me; no sir!

  5. I love the red dress the most, but they are all nice. Have fun going all out in colors. I love colorful attires too, but well co-ordinated. No sober colors for me. :-). Happy New Year dear.

  6. see nono o! every look has its own unique feel on u. i love them all and i look forward to seeing a bolder u fashionwise lool

  7. I'm with you my best blogger, im going to experiment with all the colours like never before, i love ur dress sense, the red long dress appeals to more, more grease to ur elbow, this year soar!!!

  8. you go girl! been seeing ur latest DPs on bbm, i cant wait! *wink* Stella