Friday, January 25, 2013

Labour Experience Pt. 2

Back home i was a bit relieved. I drank cups of raspberry leaf tea (helps with contraction) and practiced stooping most of the time to help my cervix open up and widen. Towards afternoon i started throwing up again and by evening, contraction was back with a bang! Helen and I went back to the hospital and just as we walked in, i prayed to God it wont be that husky voiced nurse on duty...she was there! Again she chook hand inside there and i screamed, she brought the gas thing again and it didn’t do nada for me. After much attempt, she said she couldn’t feel anything. She called another nurse and when i saw her height and the size of her hands, i almost passed out. She laughed and said i should relax, that her hands are not even as big as the thing that got me pregnant! Lool! By the time i was done laughing, her hands had gone in and out, and she declared me 3cm dilated!! Yippppieee! 
On to the delivery ward we marched! Omo I couldn’t wait o! And word had gone round the midwives and nurses that i was told back home that i was having a girl and their own scanned showed what looks like a boy. Apparently cases like that are rare there! (Detailed people!) So everyone was waiting for my baby to see whose verdict was right! Lool! I got in the delivery room and met this amazing Zimbabwean nurse, i instantly requested for epidural and she said i cant have that till i’m at least 6cm dilated. So she gave me metamorphine and your sister went gaga! i was high! I started misyarning and the whole room seemed like the entire Africa! My head felt soooo light eh!  I heard Helen ask the nurse if the drug was supposed to make me talk out of point, I didn’t hear the nurse’s response but the last thing i heard before i dozed off was Helen saying “nonye I think you need to stop talking”.

Sunday April 29 2012: The pain woke me up and i looked at the time it was like 12am Sunday morning. Helen was still wide awake beside me! She didn’t even have anything to eat! I ran into the bathroom and threw up, had Helen take a picture before I went back in and requested another metmorph shot and dozed off again. By morning the dose had worn off and I needed another! and my Zimbabwean friend had gone as her shift was over. After what seemed like forever, the anaesthetist came in with the epidural! Meeeeehnnnn see fine bobo, dayuuuuuum!!!!  Very tall and Orlando Bloomish kinda cute! Hehehehehe!  i kid. I didn’t even know when the whole process was done and i slllleeeeeeeept! At around 3pm the nurses woke me  up, burst my water and told me to push. This was when labour began.

I pushed and pushed and pushed! Nothing.  First, i coudnt feel anything becos of the epidural, secondly my baby was  big and was facing up!  Nurses were just putting hand there anyhow and going awwww the baby is so hairy! After much trial, they removed the epidural needle and gave me pitocin to induce more contraction, i still couldn’t feel anything and i was fully dilated.  I started praying, Helen was praying, my aunt was on the phone with me yelling “Nono push in Jesus name! Nono you’re not tired in Jesus name” I was just saying amen and blasting in tongues. I asked one of the nurses if she believed in prayers, she looked at me and said “we need to concentrate on getting your baby out”.  After one hour, baby was not coming and i was getting tired. I over heard them say something about CS and at that point i was like whatever joor. Just then this gorgeous Arabian doctor walked in (female oooo!!), she looked so calm, examined me and said they should wheel in the table.  To be frank, at this time i started wanting to get angry with God, i felt like He brought me this far and abandoned me. When the table was wheeled in, I saw all sorts of things on it and I wasn’t bothered one bit. Then she took up the forceps and said ‘you’re still gonna push for me’, she inserted the forceps and I screamed eh! She took it out and gave me an episiotomy ( a cut) to widen my that side (*wink*) by the third time she put in the forceps I pushed and she gently pulled the baby out, at exactly 4:17pm.  and first voice i heard was Helen’s, she just shouted “its a boy!”...and a swamp of midwives and nurses filled my room to see baby. I was getting injections left right and centre. I didn’t even wanna carry my baby immediately, i just told them to take care of him while i rested a bit. Helen supervised the cleaning and dressed him up herself. I asked what one of the driplike stuff on my hand was and the nurse said it was just ‘fluids’’ cos i lost some blood. When i saw my file, it read that i lost one thousand (1000ml) of blood! But i never felt dizzy or weak after delivery for a second till date! I was given iron drugs and I had some fergon and loads of folic acid while pregnant. Helen helped me take a bath and when I was being wheeled out of the labour room with my baby in my hands, I looked back in there and realized that God never left me! Either of us could have made it out without the other or none at all but God didn’t let that happen,I came out with my son.
Please women, the moment you discover you are pregnant, cut down your sweet tooth, forget cravings, most times its in your head! Eat well, lots of veggies, lots of fruit, folic acid to help with blood and baby formation! Take light walks, pleeeenty water and if you can start taking raspberry leaf tea from 28-30weeks, 2cups a day then gradually increase it as you advance. The tea helps you go into labour on your own without being induced. While it is God who preserves and protect, we have a responsibility to care for what he has put in our hands, yourself and your baby!
Have a blessed weekend and note that childbirth is very very do-able!!! I did it, you too can!

God bless us all!


  1. What a story. Congrats and God bless you and the lil one :)

  2. Hmmmmm!!!Nonye,you re a strong woman o,and thanks for the tips.Helen too tried to stay thru the process. Wow

  3. oh mehn! I dont know what to say. respect to all mothers, respect!!

  4. Great job Nonye! God is ever faithful

  5. Well done dear. God is a living God. I did CS here in Lagos, they did not even bother with trying cos my scan showed 4.37kg but at birth my baby weighed 4.75kg. Yes, I know apiri ntonto and sweet tooth..lesson learned.

    1. @JeniM: Chineke m oooo!!! 4.75kg?? were you swallowing akpu? lloooool kidding! Respect to The giver of life o! The way maker Himself!

  6. Bn waiting for the second part of this story.U hv such an amazing talent !kip it up.Indeed God neva left u! Tnx for d raspberry tea tip!Hope I can find it here in Lagos! Always looking forward to your blogs.A job welldone

  7. Thank God for everything, the boy is so cute!

  8. Wot an inspiring joni.indeed,He is closest when He seems far. God bless u Nonye 4 sharing dis testimony. Ur son is blessed.More grace n kip the enjoyin His presence.So hppy u made it.

  9. What happened to my comment. I'm so sure I had commented on this post. Hmmmm, oh well :-) Thank God for safe delivery. Nwa gi mara nma from birth. :-)

  10. AMARACHI CARMELLE IKEJanuary 31, 2013 at 12:53 AM

    God is awesome,thank God u made it! Congrats

  11. Thank you all for taking time to read! I'm encouraged. Mybad habit to is to post and! I appreciate your dropping by! *hug*

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