Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tale of 9 Valentines!

*singing* ''who will be my valentine". lol  Valentine fever ooo! hehehehehe ok I've not had very eventful valentine celebrations but at least I have stories to tell. This is a run down of my last 9 valentine ''episodes''.

Feb 14, 2004 : I was in 3rd year in university and had a school boyfriend T.M, we were both in AIESEC then and had a meeting that day. After the meeting we went somewhere close to his hostel to eat and then back to his room. I didnt get him any val gift and he didnt get me any but there were pringles and juice which he had bought earlier and kept for me. We spent time together nibbling on those after which we strolled to the famous Marble Arch Hotel to catch up with a friend who went swimming, lo and behold the whole UNIZIK was inside the swimming pool! That's one sight I will never forget loool. All in all, I think I had a good and memorable day.

Feb 14, 2005:  My absolute worst valentine! tufia! Let me not even go into long stories, if you missed the post on it two years ago read it here. Well one part of it wasnt so bad considering who I ended up spending the day with and the fact that its a memory I hold very dear right now as she's no more. RIP grandma, will give anything to spend another val with you

Feb 14, 2006:  I had just started working with Metro FM Lagos and had no boyfie :(  after work my cousins and I went for dinner at TFC on Awolowo road. One verryyyy memorable thing about this val was the serious "owu" that was hammering us that period. We were about 7 of us and we got two cabs to take us as the only one of us that had a car had gone to chase babe. (chai! humble days). While we were eating, one of the security guys came to our table to ask if we were the ones that came with a certain car, that someone needed to drive out. My cousin looked at the guy from head to toe, with toothpick in his mouth and went like "The car you're asking for the owner, is it a Bentley?" the confused security man nodded and said something like a toyota or so, then my cousin said " well that cant be mine, if its not a Bentley, its not mine". lool! Thats how the guy put us in trouble ooo! When it was time to leave, everybody nyash glue for seat! We didnt know how to get out of the situation without the security knowing we came with cab! After strategizing, my cousin said the ladies should go first, then while he was walking through the door he started talking to his imaginary driver on the phone. "err Abdul, oh you went to get fuel? Ok ok, we're walking down the road, meet us up Awolowo road, we feel like strolling" odiegwu! security man and his colleagues just burst out in laughter and we the ladies didnt help matter, we started laughing too. As in, the lie was very uncoordinated, first TFC on Awolowo road back then was in a Fuel station! so which Fuel did Abdul go to get that he couldnt get there? secondly we were 7! which Bentley will take 7 people! looool It was a very beautiful evening in all.

Feb 14, 2007: I was serving in Kano State and very boyfriendless. My flat mates and I contributed money and took ourselves out. I'll never forget that day, I had so much cow tail that I almost couldnt lift my legs when it was time to go home. I even borrowed N400 from one of us to buy some more, and when we got home he said it was his val gift to me. The guys's name sef is Valentine! hehehe

Feb 14, 2008: I spent 4hours in traffic that day going from Lekki to Dolphin. It was terrible! and while I was in traffic I kept seeing cakes and all sorts of red and white things in people's cars. My ex had invited me to his house which was also in Lekki so I could have easily gone from the office, but when I mentioned it to my aunt she just said "Nonyelum GO HOME!, na this kain waka dey land person for wahala". I respected myself and went home. I didnt even call him to cancel and by the time he called I was safely home *wicked grin* oh and that's the same ex of 2005 valentine....Karma is a female dog :)

Feb. 14, 2009:  I was in Ghana and I had this guy whose babe I initially thought I was till I found out I was the side chick! choi!, so as usual he went to spend the day with his real dish! loool! My friend and her bobo had a naming ceremony and I tagged along and ate myself silly!. Very uneventful valentine and I felt nothing related to love. Here I was in a foreign land trying to get my work permit and it wasnt coming, love was the last thing on my mind really.

Feb. 14 2010: I had a boyfie yay!! lol! I was dating my husband then and NOTHING happened on val's day! He was ill and I had a course that day. It was on a Sunday I remember, no gifts from either of us to the other and I didnt bother one bit.

Feb. 14 2011: Married to my hubby now, still nothing. lol I recall some of ex-school mates attacking me in the school group when i said I wasnt getting him anything. My excuse was that he wont give me and if I give him it will be double giving since his birthday is early March. (igbo girl sense) anywaaaaaaaaaay, he doesnt care about valentine and I really dont give that much hoot either. So he picked me up from work and home we went. We had a good time laughing at all the people we saw around Bar Beach wearing red and strolling by the water in pairs.

Feb 14, 2012:  I was heavily pregnant and staying with my friend whose house was close to my office. We took ourselves out to Tetrazinni and ate the worst cat fish of our lives!

Feb 14, 2013: Ehen! Mr. ND Onuoha if you are reading, read well well ooo! All I want for val is to see Django! and no, not the one you have on your flash!!! Thank you!

Una happy valentine! This is Lent ooo! celebrate small small and remember whatever enters mustooo come out 9months later!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Style Spice!

 Hey everyone!! I hope we've had a good good week....I cant wait to rest! lol.

So this is new to this blog and it has come to stay! Style Spice!! yaaaay! I will occasionally feature people's individual style and after a while some prize will be tied to it...after a while ooo! lol

To launch this feature is the beautiful undergrad doctor Angee. She's a medical student of Igbinedion University Okada and, wait for it ...*smiles* she's my sister-inlaw! yeah she's my hubby's younger sister. Her sense of style is very outstanding and the first three things you notice about her style are: trendy, comfortable and decent! did I mention sexy?? please add that!

Enjoy the view and mail me if you think you can rock this show too!
 Happy weekend!