Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You want these items! You know you do:)

Hey ya hey ya!!! How are we prepping for the loooooong break?? I am soo ready! Can't wait to take a 
break! wheeeew! 

I put together some of my fave items, (not to worry, I don't own all of them *wink*) I think every lady should own these timeless fashion pieces, if you already do own every item here, you are a babe and a half! lool....


Oh please wave those hands if you got this on any finger!! looool! I love this cocktail ring!
A woman's lifesaver!  My lifesaver heheheehe, the absolute fastest piece to rock and move!
Don't you just love these?!! I do!!! Go rock them with a nice pair of skinnies

A boyfriend jacket adds glam to you and screammss claaaaaasss! lol when well worked that is!

Every woman needs that simple yet fabulously classy bag!  This LV does it! You don't  have to break a neck, go for a copy or something closer...

Now that's what I'm talking about! 

Have a beautiful Easter holiday! Stay fab!!!