Friday, July 12, 2013

Sanitation Friday! loooool!

Hmmmm *picks broom and sweeps blog frantically* loool what will I cite as my excuse? I don't know o! Ok seriously its been mostly work coupled with running the home...hasn't been easy at all. I get home so late these days and I'm dead knackered, and then  6am I'm up again and racing out to work where tons abide to do!

What's new with me?

I've recently moved homes (more grease to anyone planning on doing that soon!! you'll need plenty!), and my new home is farther away from work :(  :( but I love it! very spacious, enough for my little man to explore and practice his athletic skills, spacious enough for anyone not to get into the hub's space, he hates it when people are in his space!! So yeah, that's that for my home...then work, wheeeeeew! This job I started this year eh, hmmmmm I say God is my strength! I don't know that I've worked this hard in my life before except maybe back in 2008 when I was with LEAP Africa, but this is a different kind of working hard! My boss is mostly out of the country like he is right now, so that leaves me with the responsibility of running the whole office except of course paying salaries...managing the different departments and making sure the clients are happy isn't the easiest job I tell you but I LOVE the challenge! It makes me feel so ready for bigger things, I kinda feel like yes! my career has truly begun.

If you noticed, I've been trying to convert this blog to a fashion one, thats' not to say I won't occasionally be giving you better gists (about myself mostly, aint no Linda Ikeji! lol). well the process of the fashion bit is still in progress but it may not happen right away. First, I don't have enough time right now to take pictures of myself everyday, secondly and most importantly I'm working on my personal walk with God, I don't want to be the woman who spends so much time looking fabulous outside while my inner being/spiritual life is shabbily dressed. I want to hit a plausible balance before God, so I'm undergoing a spiritual overhaul and rehabilitation. Then on my personal style, I'm still a work in progress. I've always known what I like but never get around to exploring it. Check back in a couple of months and you'll see the amazing new me! Until then I'll be blogging my usual stuff!

Have a pleasant pleasant Friday!


What I'm wearing:

Dress: TNL (Things Nigerians Love) check them out here
Earrings: very old - some random store in Ghana
Wristwatch: Emporio Armani
Coctail Ring: Primark
Aviators: Primark


  1. Weelucome back ooooooooooo!!!! notice how I stretched the ooooo

  2. Welcome back. You look great, all toned :)

  3. awwww welcome back sweeery me ooo. Ngoka

  4. Welcome back babes, hope you stay this time :)

  5. love me the aztec print dress on you, banging!