Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm back!

Hey lovelies!!!! hiatus hiatus hiatus! forgive me! I'm back and ready to rumble hehehehe. So I took a break to have my second baby and I;m really glad to be back. Not sure I'll be doing any post on the experience so I'll just sum it up here. Contraction started 4:30am and by 8:49am baby was born, all natural! No pain meds, no epidural, no episiotomy, no tear (just slight bruises) etc...I will not talk about the pains, no I will not! I refuse to. Anywhooos, here are pictures of me during and after pregnancy...I hope to hit the gym as soon my midwife gives me clearance.What have you all been up to??

My beautiful son...
2weeks after....

A week + 4days after....


Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Only 4 hours of labor? Wow. Isn't God awesome?

  2. Great delivery and cute baby! Congrats to your family and more blessings

  3. Congrat dear, u re such an inspiration and a lovely character, wld always visit ur blog, much love! Frm Blessing

  4. Once again congratulations Nonye and God bless you and your family in all ways.He is so cute.

  5. Thanks pple! I appreciate ur stopping by....much luv

  6. Congratulationnnsssssssss! May God bless and keep him.