Thursday, January 30, 2014

Telephone Boyfriend Pt.2

Apologies for posting this later than I promised. And pls ignore all errors, na phone I take dey type...

I sat down confused the rest of the training. I called my friend/colleague and she too didnt know what to make out of the whole thing. I didnt even know which one was vexing me more, the nylon or the green tea. So where were the rest of the things? My sunglasses, and the 'shopping things'?? He didnt even explain anything at all. Ok na end of training, Nonye go home, mba! I was just stalling cos I knew what was waiting for me at home, my sisters had called like how many times to know how far, and I was just posting them.
I finally get home and my dad who visited the day before looked away from the book he was reading and thoroughly searched me with one look, I didnt know when I just started laughing. He went how far? Uzo agaghi? (no road?) I was about answering him when my sisters came home and one quickly grabbed my bag, brought out the nylon and went "its a lie", Nonye! She ran to the room to see if there was another bag there, nothing! As in they laugh craze enter my body. Later at night the bobo called and was sounding so annoyingly excited, going on about how it was nice to finally meet his love blah blah blah. To cut a long story short we met up at my office that weekend and drama continued. He kept trying to kiss me and fall on my body, and my annoyance turned to confusion, as in I started wondering if he was stable. My colleague who hooked us up asked him what he got for her, he was blabbing, at that point I asked him where my sunglasses were and he said we'll get it from Yaba!! I looked at this guy and couldnt wrap my head around it, I just sat there staring at him and then he'll go like "chei, my baby is admiring me", good God! My colleague the arranger was so embarrassed to say the least. Time to go, she said she wanted Chinese take out, we got there and she asked the guy to pay, ofcourse he didnt order any for himself. After ordering our food we stood there for another 10mins or more waiting for them to give the guy change, how much kwanu? N40!

We saw my colleague off to her house nearby and took a cab together. Half way this guy asked me where I was dropping, I told him I was going home straight, he said he knew but he wanted to know where exactly would be okay for me to get down. While he was still talking I told the cab man to stop, as I was trying to get down he came over and tried to kiss me again, I just jumped down and he waved at me while smiling sheepishly. I stood there and watched the cab drive away. I say I confuse.

The following Monday while at work he sent me a text to say he bought things for me but his sister took them, he also got my sunglasses and had it with him but just wanted to test me. I didnt bother with a reply sef, this one na real kolo, no need. Thinking it was over o, I'll wake up in the morning and see missed calls eh! Next thing he sent me a message on facebook calling me a 'cheap materialistic slut', I replied with 'loooool' and it was as if they poured fuel inside fire. He would call my colleague endlessly insulting me and next minute he'll say he misses me, my colleague eventually stopped taking his calls and kept apologizing. I didnt think it was her fault, she meant good but it just turned out the other way.

In conclusion, I do believe in arranged relationships but for me I'd much rather meet a person and get into them on my own. Secondly, my husband always says that one minute of holding hands without saying a word is waaaay deeper than 24hours on the phone. Pls before you fall in love with that bobo sugar wrapping you on the phone, remember Nonye's Patosky.



  1. People test true love over sunglasses now? *Sigh*

  2. Na real retard you jam so! Lol

  3. teehehehehhehe....Knorr Knorr the Almost Nwunye Patosky!

  4. I can't even say anything LOL! The guy is indeed a janded pikin. This is funny gosh. Sunglasses from Yaba? N40 change? I just dunno.