Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dropping by

Halllllllossss people!  I'm actually typing this not knowing what exactly I want to say but I must sha say something.

Been a very pleasant month, started a new job, been having a good time getting to know people at work. Fun people and lively environ, looks like I'll have a good time here.
Ok so I wanted to start a regular OOTD stuff but I don't have a phone that takes good pictures and my camera wey for try don lost. Thats just one part of it sef, not familiar with anyone enough to say come and snap me pishure :-)  But I should be able to do this sometime soonest.

On the home front, my chairmen are growing!!!! It is really true what they say that if you get it right with your first child, the rest are good. My second son wants to walk before he's one! once he sees his brother on the move he starts jumping and wants to join him, gives me a lot of awwwwws, reminds me of growing up. I can already tell that these two will be a team and I just pray to God to help me get it right.

Like I said, I really don't have so much to talk about today but let me quickly remind someone that greatest thing you have is your dream, you lose it, you lose everything. No one came here empty handed, use what God has given you and exceed your own expectations!

Stay safe.



  1. Awwww nonny i've missed you here. pls come back with your funny stories am sure there will lots from your new colleagues

  2. I trust Dudu the king himself. hope you're having a good time at the new office

  3. Bestie...good to read something from you....hmmmmm...indeed, the chairmen are biiig boys....I see the evidences all the time