Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give them a voice, Give them your hands!

Prior to this time people with intellectual disabilities were looked down upon, perceived to be less than ‘regular’ people, but today they have a voice!

They have a voice because someone believed in them, they have a voice because someone lent them theirs, they have a voice because someone said to them “you’re regular, you are normal and you are my brother”.  That’s what this year’s National Games is about, oneness and team spirit, breaking limitations, seeing beyond barriers and seeing each other as one.

The intellectually challenged are just like everyone out there, yes they may have a challenge but their life is not challenged, they deserve every good thing life has to offer and Special Olympics stands right beside them to encourage  and cheer them on to go ahead and grab it all.

For more info on how to volunteer at Special Olympics please visit:

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